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Problem Solving…

…It’s one of the things we do best. 

For instance the development of SpaceVac came about in response to a very simple problem – how to safely clean blocked gutters without needing to resort to the traditional methods – such as ladders, scaffolding, or cherry pickers; all of which pose risk to cleaners working in the gutters and also present a number of other issues as well including the expensive hire costs, the additional time taken to complete cleaning work and the issues created by getting this access equipment into place onsite as well. 

By developing a cleaning system that could be operated from the ground, SpaceVac offers its users a number of key advantages:

Spacevac High Level Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

Key Advantages to Operators:

SpaceVac offers its operators a number of key advantages including

Spacevac High Level Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

Time Savings

With none of the setup time associated with access equipment, and with free reign to move around, SpaceVac operators can complete cleans in a fraction of the time.

Spacevac High Level Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

Safer for Operators

Cleaning from the safety of the ground floor means all of the risks associated with working at height are completely removed.

Spacevac High Level Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

Cost Efficient

Removing the need for additional equipment hires makes SpaceVac a sure way to reduce the costs associated with high-level cleaning with a fast ROI!

Spacevac High Level Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

Unrivalled Build Quality 

Our unparalleled build quality and innovative features – including safety locking mechanism and interconnecting heads provide a long lasting, durable solution.

An edge in the boardroom and out in the field…

In addition, our innovative

range of products also offers a number of key advantages to facilities managers looking for competitive advantages in tender or bid situation.

Here our fast ROI, improved cleaning times and clear demonstration of both innovation and a focus on safety have helped our clients time and again to secure new business.

Spacevac High Level Gutter Cleaning & Inspection



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