Corona Virus Deep Cleaning

Offices, Schools, Care Homes & More

Whether you want to get your business back up and running or you want to increase staff safety, effective anti viral fogging makes sense. It is reasonably fast, entirely safe and gives an understanding that at least until the next infected person touches any surfaces it will be virus free. With correct office spacing of over two metres between employees, social distancing in all common areas, regular disinfection of high touch areas and fogging and spraying of surfaces you are doing what you can to keep your employees safe.

As yet we do not know exactly how long this specific virus can lay dormant. It makes sense the do all that you can do to disinfect classrooms well before the kids return. Once done if the classroom is not entered it can be considered safe. Today we know this virus can infect young and old alike and so we are pleased to be working with some of our previous educational customers providing these new and important deep cleaning services.

Care Home deep cleaning services, designed to be effective for the most vulnerable. Our committed operatives are highly experienced at working in care homes and in attached facilities. We have been mindful service providers to many care homes for years and understand the complexity of integrating our service with your scheduling. We guarantee to attend and complete the works in the time agreed, to ensure the least disruption to your residents, staff and the public in general.

We Utilise a Modern Solution: Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Technology (Fogging)Disinfect + eliminates the human manual element. This method o HPV decontamination, also known as ‘fogging’, is ideally suited or use in healthcare facilities due to its rapid, flexible and residue-free nature. HPV has extensive, proven biological efficiency against a wide range of environmentally associated pathogens including Covid-19.

Do not delay any further, this investment will keep everyone safe within your premises!

Continue a cleaning regime regularly for a safer environment year on year......

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