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Student Accommodation Cleaning

Many towns have a variety of different student accommodation buildings from shared houses to large apartment buildings all of which at some point will require Student Accommodation Cleaning Services either on a regular basis to maintain a good standard, or for the student accommodation summer change over cleaning. You may say how does this differ from standard domestic cleaning? or Can’t we/they do it themselves? But think back to when you were at university, did you treat the house like you do now? Could or can you get everyone to agree to cleaning it themselves? is everyone’s standard the same or high enough for the landlord or accommodation manager?

Cleaning & Maintaining Student Accommodation

The more straight forward student accommodation cleaning services are, regular maintenance cleaning, or change over / End of tenancy cleaning on smaller shared properties, Cities such as Glasgow & Edinburgh have a large number of houses, adapted in to multiple occupancy properties, shared by four, six, eight, or more students. Some landlords or students with these properties will opt to have the communal areas, bathrooms, hallways, kitchen etc. cleaned on a regular basis by professional student accommodation cleaners, to keep a reasonable standard within the property, and provide a good standard of living for the students. These properties as with all rental properties require end of tenancy student accommodation cleaning services or student accommodation summer change over cleaning services, this is to deep clean the property, before the new tenants move in, maintaining a high standard.

The larger student accommodation, is the more modern apartment building consisting of anything from 30-40 flats, to buildings with around five hundred apartments. These buildings may have shared apartments, with four or six bedrooms and shared communal areas, or can be made up of studio flats for individual living. Either way student accommodation cleaning services are always required, these buildings normally have communal lounges and always hallways etc. which require professional student accommodation cleaning services, to maintain high standards of cleaning on a day to day basis. These buildings will also require a summer change over student accommodation cleaning services, which can be a large number of apartments in a very short amount of time which must be deep cleaned to a very high standard ready for the new students. These buildings are managed by student accommodation managers by companies such as Fresh Student Living, Student Roost and Sanctuary Student Living.

Professional Student Accommodation Cleaners

When choosing  a  company to undertake student accommodation cleaning services, you may be tempted to choose the local domestic cleaning services provider but, will they be prepared? will they have the knowledge required to achieve the standard? and will they have the correct equipment to clean the carpets? oven? upholstery? in a fast turnaround?! This is why when student accommodation managers plan their student accommodation summer change over cleaning it is organised early in the year, and experienced recommended student accommodation cleaning services providers are chosen.

We have served some of the best student accommodations within Glasgow, and they feel we provided them with an excellent service which was completed to their time restriction and to a very high standard.

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